Administrator Academy #3753 – Social and Emotional Learning Leads to College and Career Readiness

Friday, October 29, 2021

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Several key sets of skills and attitudes provide a strong foundation for achieving school and life success. Students begin developing these skills as social emotional learning competencies as described in the SEL standards and then transform them into the “soft skills” adults need in the workforce – Essential Employability Skills. This administrator academy studies the connections between SEL and EES and provides the context to transition student knowledge of self, ability to build relationships with others and important thought processes and decision-making competencies into the workforce. It is critical for students to be able to establish and monitor their progress toward achieving academic and personal goals and this administrator academy help build the framework for supporting this journey for all students.

Facilitated by Dr. Jason Klein, Northern Illinois University

Additional pre-workshop and post-workshop assignments will be required to meet the minimum time requirements for Administrator Academy credit. If you are taking this course for professional development hours only and will not be completing the post-workshop Application and Dissemination assignment, you will receive 5 PD hours.

Open Seats: 49

Cost: $124.00

Location: VIRTUAL

Credits: Administrator Academy or PDCs

Hours: 5